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So a U.R.T.V. walks into a burger joint

Date & Time: Jan 5 eveningish.
Location: One of the restaurants, Transport housing.
Characters: Jr. and OPEN
Summary: Jr. tries out Exsilium's burgers and its housing.
Warnings: None at this time.

[#1 Chowing down at a burger joint]

At this point, Jr. was getting kind of peckish, so he moseyed himself on down to one of the restaurants and took a seat. And after a brief look at an admittedly-kind-of-oddball menu, he chose the burger, figuring it was the hardest to screw up. What he got about fifteen minutes later was a beefy monstrosity slathered with mole and peppers, with what looked like bacon tenpura and peanut butter on the side. Jr. looked quizzically up at the the server, but there was no help to be found there -- apparently, this was normal.

So he took a bite instead, and was mildly surprised to find that the sauce tasted like chocolate. "Not too bad," he said through his mouthful of chocolate burger.

[#2 On his way to unit 708]
After the meal, he figured it was about time to go home. So he wandered on down to Transport housing, made his way to room 708, and stuck his head inside. It was definitely... white. Yeah, that seemed to be the predominant theme. But what was with all this goofy furniture? Clearly whoever decorated here had not shared his own tastes in interior decorating.

He rapped smartly on the wall, so as not to risk walking in on any awkward situations. "Hey, anyone in here?"

Did he have the place to himself or what?
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Sam was getting a little more confident with the city, he still never went anywhere too far away from his house but with time the city seemed less muddled and confusing and the lure of trying out some of its food had brought him here.

Now Sam had tried some strange foods but this just looked strange and being rather suspicious of foreign things meant that he spent a while staring at it until the big person at the table next to him spoke.

"Is it really alright?"
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For a big person this one wasn't really that big, perhaps the size of a dwarf but without the beard. "What's chocolate? I've never come across that before." Some kind of vegetable perhaps? Something called different between languages, though they all seemed to speaking the common tongue.

"It does seem odd that's for sure, there are many things I don't recognise."
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"Ice cream?" Sam sounded a little suspicious, foreign food was still something strange to him. But he sat since the big person was ordering and it would be rude not to.
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Wow, that looked interesting. Sam thanked the waitress with a smile and followed the boys example putting some onto his spoon and from there into his mouth.

He winced, when he had been cold he hadn't expected this cold. But apart from the sudden numbness in his mouth it tasted good. Very good.
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Sam nodded with a smile, it was incredibly nice so nice that he realised he had been completely rude and forgotten to introduce himself. "Oh hello Jr. I'm Samwise Gamgee, I've been here a few weeks."
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Sam nodded, "And they seem to be not so careful of when they are taking people, as all the people I know from my home believe it to be a different date." It was very confusing and Sam didn't know how that would work back home or how he could have gone to Mount Doom with Frodo when Frodo was brought here just after meeting Galadrial.

"Side of a fiery mountain, they most likely saved my life." Which he was grateful for, and thus wasn't complaining about being brought to this place so much. "How about you?"
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"I have no idea. I hope they do though." Because he doesn't want to go through the last few weeks again.

"What's the Durandal?" He blinked, "Well as for that it's a bit of a long story."
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Sam was quiet a moment as he ate another spoonful of ice cream but he shook his head. "I'm afraid I don't know what a spaceship is."

This was becoming normal, not knowing what words meant, how things worked, how to use things.
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Well whoever thought that was a good idea. Boats were pesky things, ships more so and a ship that traveled through the stars...


He had no idea what a meter was but four thousand anything was huge.

Staring at you in slight disbelief. "And you were on one of these star ships?"
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"They live in space?" Sam shook his head, "It does at that! I can't even imagine how you would get up there to the stars." He looked very awed and concentrated on his ice cream.

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"I guess anything seems normal if you've grown up with it."

He nodded, "Well not exactly like this one, we have less in the way of this... technology and I'd like to say my planet is a lot greener, prettier. Well parts of it are anyways and I haven't seen much of this planet, I haven't even seen the whole city."
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Sam hadn't finished his ice cream yet, but almost. Despite his height hobbits were notorious for how much they could eat. "I've never been to the beach, I'm not sure I like the sound of all that water, rivers and lakes are bad enough." He followed Jr's hand movements and looked outside.

"It must have been a truly evil force that destroyed this world so much."
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"Oh well them are alright I guess," He shook his head, "Don't know how to, never really seen a reason to."

He nodded, he had never met them either everything he knew was from what he had read on the tablet he had been given. "I kind of hope it doesn't and they stay well away, but I don't suppose we've got a choice."

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