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Date & Time: 10/7, on the moon where time is meaningless
Location: Hallways
Characters: Max Kearney & Charlie Cutter
Summary: Stress test
Warnings: Swearing and ~*~strained friendships~*~

[It comes down to happenstance more than design: he just manages to catch her out of the corner of his eye as she's leaving the cafeteria (everyone's got to eat). As much as part of him prefers to just leave the damn thing be - because their last conversation had gone all of nowhere -, either there's something in the look of Max or he's just feeling guilty (or looking for a fight; it's a toss up) that prompts him to abandon his meal before he's even finished it.

And while it's late - as if time's much of a thing here - and the cafeteria is mostly empty, it still takes him long enough to get across the room. By the time he reaches the corridor beyond, she well out of sight. So Charlie takes his best guess, picks a direction at random, and gets lucky. It's quiet save for the low hum of the station's power cycles which means his voice cuts loudly when he calls out to her.]

Oi! Max!
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[ Everyone does have to eat, though her meals tend to consist more of snagging whatever's reasonably transportable and vanishing again. Anywhere people actively gather is somewhere she needs to not be.

The space was too overwhelming for her to gather any sense of the people in it, but she feels the shape of someone following her long before he says anything. She stills at the voice, though, pauses for a long moment before she turns around, bag slung over her shoulder and everything about her drawn into herself. ]

Yeah? [ It's blank but not unwelcoming, just tired. Maybe she should have expected this. Maybe she did. ] You need something?
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[ She's not a fan of being looked at thoroughly, prefers to slip through life just on edge and out of focus. Besides which she's in her work clothes, tank top baring scarred arms and exhaustion written into every muscle she has. It's been a long month and she's aware that it's too easy to tell right now. ]

Down that way. [ Jerking a thumb over her shoulder in the general direction she's heading. ] Fixing some wiring so the next section can get repressurized.
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[ The moon hasn't really been very kind to them in the end, has it. Her mouth sets into a thin line at that tone of his because she knows what it entails, her shoulders settling as she turns and starts walking. ]

If your heart's set on it. [ It's not that she means to be curt, but positive emotion isn't something she's high up on these days. ] How good are you with wires?
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That so? Sounds like a useful talent.

[ Just saying words for the sake of saying words and keeping him on the conversation rather than at all focused on her. She doesn't know what to do with close human presence right now, not really. ] What is your skillset, exactly?
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I bet you have.

[ She hasn't asked before, because he hasn't pressed before, but in some way - in some way this is a small retaliation for him caring about her, for him adding to the list of reasons she has to care about whether or not she survives. Trust Max to be someone to need to retaliate for caring about her.

But she takes the answer in stride, lifts her shoulders and takes a right, heading for a section of the wall that's open, wires exposed and half gutted. ]
Why? Too fast moving for you?
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[ No, it's still hard. It's always going to be hard. Max doesn't know any other way to live life. ] But good at explosions. I happen to like those.

[ Small talk, small talk. She nods, tugs a bundle loose and starts to untangle it carefully. ] There's a short somewhere in this panel. Small thing, but fucking up a lot.
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Let me know if you want to learn more. [ She is so not interested in words of caution right now, or anything that's personal.

Like that. Fair's fair, but she thought her's was fair payback and now they were even. Apparently he doesn't agree. ]
I double majored in electrical engineering and computer science.
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[ She's doing her best to just work without regard for the fact that he's right there, and her shields are under too much strain these days for her to not pick up at least undercurrents of his mind.

It's not going so well. She keeps flicking him glances out of the corner of her eyes, having to stop and start counting wires again. It's probably best not to let her handle anything sharp right now, it might slip. ]
That so. [ It's not the tone of someone who wants this to be honesty hour at all. After a moment she puts down the wrench she'd picked up, sits back on her heels and looks up at him, hands resting on her knees as she considers. She doesn't want honesty hour but she's far too tired for charades. ] What do you want from me?
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[ She is an expert at shooting the shit. It's just not worth the effort right now. She's very still, watching him still as she considers that question, turns it over and wonders how much she's willing to say.

And then abruptly she turns back to the wiring, shoulders hunched over. ]
Went to the UE. Had a fun stay. Came back. [ The barest of shrugs. ] There's nothing to catch up on.
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[ She flinches from the growl almost imperceptibly, keeps working. It keeps her mind off the actual conversation, which is the only way she's going to say anything. ]

They could improve their guest quarters. [ A beat. ] Yes, they took me.
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rude dw!!

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[ God, she hates people caring about her. It's so - it doesn't work, it doesn't fit into how she sees herself or other people, upsets the structure of how she looks at life. She doesn't want him to care. ]

Nothing. Tests. Prison is mostly just boring, I hope you've avoided it. [ Redirect, shove off. This is getting too personal. ]
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[ Her fingers are like vises around his wrist a moment later, the first step in what would have been an attempt to break it if she didn't stop herself, pry her fingers loose after a moment and drop them, watching the panel rather than him. She doesn't know what to do with people touching her when it's not meant to harm, not really. ]

I've had worse. [ It's not a good answer, but it's the only one she has that's not a flat out lie, and she's always disliked lying to friends. ]
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[ She's absolutely still for a moment, swearing internally because she hadn't meant to, it had been instinctive, she hadn't - ]

Sorry. I'm really - [ Sorry. God. She lets the wires be, turns around and pushes herself up so that she's standing, supported by the wall a little bit as she tries to sort out what to say. ] I don't have good memories of places you can't get out of, is all. Once we fix this. Once we're off the moon I'll be fine.

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