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(closed) i was a blindfold

Date & Time: a little bit past the zombies
Location: moon baaase
Characters: Tony Stark & Max Kearney
Summary: Interpersonal relationships complicate everything, man.
Warnings: None to start with, will edit if necessary.

[ Rebellion, well, it was in her blood at this point. Maybe this wasn't the best way to do things. Maybe the more patient routes, the ones she'd been helping work on as well, maybe they were the right way to go.

But if this had even the slightest chance of getting them off the moon faster, if it made people stand up and pay attention and do something, anything, she needed it. She was handling as best as she could. She was spending hours meditating and working on her shields only to have them crack again under the wear and tear of the emotional stress in this place. Every day she woke up it was like being thrown back into prison. On the plus side nobody was actively torturing her, but this wasn't -

She's going to go crazy here. At this point she's willing to go with anything, but it's not long after she talks to Charlie that she realizes she has to tell Tony. She has to, it's just - she does.

It takes her a little while to get up the courage, but eventually she waits until Jan's gone and then texts Tony to meet her in their room, considers how exactly she's going to say this. She can't say anything too obvious unless it seems like he'd be willing to join them, but she still does have to tell him. She'll figure it out. She just can't leave him hanging again, not this soon after last time. So she sits on her bed, fiddling with her tablet as she waits for him. ]
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[ Things are calming still - everyone's getting used to things, some people take longer for that sort of thing than others. Tony, for his part, is already (well) adjusted and has just been volunteering for missions because he's bored, that's the only reason why. He's also trying to amass certain pieces of technology and doing history lessons like his life depends on it - all the better to track down what he's looking for. Not all of it is that specific, and not all of it has been things he's managed to make it back with, but even just a little bit here and there, because it's out there and he wants to play with it. There's no specific reason for any of it, totally. The zombies were a nice distraction, but they've been soundly dealt with, and Tony's not really one much for the gruntwork of cleanup, unless it's allowing him to come up with dazzlingly brilliant advances in the process. Recreating his intellicrops is about all he can do right now, and that's not that interesting.

Nobody's really... talking to anyone else though, and he doesn't see Max as often still - just enough to know that she's still here and that things are okay. As okay as they will be for the moment, anyway.

But all of this just means he doesn't have a whole lot on his plate when he gets her message, so he wraps up what he's doing and goes over to her room, a quick double-knock before he opens the door anyway, because she called him over like two minutes ago, so she's ready, right? That's how that goes. ]

What's up?
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[ If she didn't sort of always look defensive now that they were on the moon base, that might have been something to note, but as far as he's aware, that's become her natural state of rest, more or less. So he enters the room, mentally shutting the door behind him without thinking about it, and leans against the doorframe with his arms crossed over his chest out of pure habit. She can probably tell the difference between when he's doing it defensively and when he's not. ]

I don't know half the plans so far but I know a lot of them are shit. Everybody wants off the moon though, as far as I can tell. I haven't really come up with anything particularly viable, but my own efforts have been centered slightly elsewhere. I don't know that I've thought about it that much as I've just sort of settled in for the time being.
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[ He lets her words roll around in his head, absently scrolling the network for anything that sounds like what she's talking about. Buzzwords, phrases that might stand out. He's not always great at that yet, but it's a nice subroutine to run while he's trying to concentrate on something.

Forceful. Control. Tony's not a stupid man. He can figure what that means, but he doesn't want to jump to conclusions. Hasn't even completely reached those conclusions anyway - just received the general vibes for them.

So he's carefully watching her, regarding her, but trying not to make it uncomfortable for her - he's just paying attention, intently. His first reply is a little... gentler, than the ones to follow. ]
I know.

So you're talking about... A bid for power? From the Initiative? And by use of the word 'speed' I'm guessing not through DITR.
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[ See and he's just paying more and more attention. Not necessarily specifically to whatever it is that's going on with her, because she just had some sort of reaction and it wasn't the kind that he's looking for. What she's talking about sounds like it could be one of two or three different things, and he's not sure which one specifically it is that she's aiming at. ]

Make them pay attention... how? [ Because, 'make them realize how precarious the situation really is' sounds like... Well. It sounds like A Thing. ]
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[ why would he try to turn them in what sort of friendship does she think this is ]

It doesn't sound too crazy. [ Somewhat... carefully, still. ] It wouldn't really be the first time someone's tried it. Someone killed one of them once. They got kind of mad. You want to take the base?
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[ that seems reasonable ]

So how do you propose that? What do you ultimately want to get out of it - control?Some sort of magna carta?
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[ He figured she didn't want it personally, but he's not going to clarify that right now when there are clearly other things to discuss. He's not entirely sure how he's feeling about this, which is not something that's particularly normal for him. Generally he's the knee-jerk reaction guy who knows how he feels about everything. (Sort of.)

So, okay, he nods a little bit, because that makes sense. ]
It would. Some sort of power has to be reinstalled though, and there's a pretty decent likelihood that the transports who are content to let one group rule are going to be just as content to let another, regardless of how the representation spreads.
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Yeah, they do.

[ He watches her, considering. Yeah, the Initiative sucks, and having them listen to them more would be nice, but Tony's considering the merits and drawbacks of a representative democracy, or like some sort of summit where the Initiatives and the transports meet all the time to discuss issues and air grievances, and how if both of those two groups get too far into simply dealing with each other, who's going to watch out for the UE?

He continues on, very calmly. Kind of quietly. ]
Is there already a plan?
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[ He doesn't know. He didn't know what his reaction would have been either way, and now that she's all but indicated that there is a plan, he still doesn't know how he feels about it. He just knows that he has a lot of unclear ones, and that's frustrating as hell. ] Then I'd say at least someone knows to organize the whole thing.
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[ He also nods a little. ]

Yeah. Thanks. 'Preciate it.
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[ He watches her move - looks up at her and gauges the conversation they just had. ]

Yeah. Yeah, we're good. Hope everything goes okay.
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[ This just keeps getting more and more fun doesn't it. ]

Anything in particular?
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You want some help? I've got the suit space-ready now.
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how many times can i fuck up with small tags in one night

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Yeah, sure. Sounds good.
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the irony of forgetting to close things when my computer puts slashes in everything atm

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What a great roomie you - truly, I'm lucky.
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I already assumed you were bringing enough for two.
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Good point. [ uhhh... ] Come back without too many bottles shot up of holes. I'm counting on you here. [ right, that works, right? It's casual to the utmost, and manages to convey 'hey i don't want you hurt' at the same time. ]
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[ 'should be'. important mention. ]

Aside from alcohol? Bring me back some nanomesh so I don't have to try and make it myself.
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[ nahhhh ]

However much you can find. I don't need a lot, just some to get started - it should take care of itself from there. Double points if you can find me some pure ruthenium or borazine too.
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A few things. Working on some memory compounds, regenerative stuff. Self-repairing, that sort of thing. I've got a lot of work on the radios to do when we get back, so making that not be a thing next time would be cool.
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It knows what shape it's supposed to be in and utilizes latent elements within the material to catalyze chain reactions and produce new material as per the pattern. It only works for a little while - there's only so much latent shit you can put in before it starts to get nosy, but in a tight spot it'll help you out.
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You're a doll.