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(closed) saw the water not the waves

Date & Time: the 16th
Location: wherever Tony and Max have holed up
Characters: Max Kearney and Peter Parker.
Summary: a meeting.
Warnings: none.

[ Max has been laying pretty low ever since they arrived, preferring to stay out of sight and out of mind when she's not running the missions asked of her. There's no reason to go out, no reason to do much of anything but hole up and help Tony work on setting up a workspace.

Today Tony's out, Max having waved him off when he asked if she was going to do anything, and she's bent over tools as she works on wiring in something. She's definitely not expecting any visitors, as evidenced by the way her sleeves are rolled up to expose bare scarred arms and her gun is across the room. ]
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[Ever since the mutiny, Peter's been having a hard time figuring out his footing—so to speak. Most of his time since then has been playing catch up. Read back on things, figure out who's saying what, and rinse and repeat. It's been a lot of research, with also trying to keep up on his own stocks, ensure that he does come up with some mathematical reasoning for why people need to be careful with this whole time travel and entering other worlds business, and generally keeping to himself.

Peter does "keeping to himself" pretty well, as things go.

But he finally pulls himself out of this new-found routine to head to Tony's. It's not his Tony and he knows that, but there's some comfort in the familiarity of someone who at least looks like him. (And someone who believed in Peter. That's important to Peter.)

When he turns up, he doesn't find Tony there, but someone else—and someone equally mechanically inclined. Still, Peter's not exactly one with the social graces ... or any other graces, for that matter. After trying to figure out what to do or say, he ends up knocking down a couple screwdrivers, thus promptly announcing his arrival. Peter himself looks pretty sheepish.]
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Yeah—I was.

[Peter bends down to pick up the straying screw drivers. He makes a mental note of their size, wondering exactly what they were recently used for, and then he places them back.]

You're a ... friend of his, then? [It's surprising to find someone here, but it's still surprising to Peter that Tony's allowing him free reign.]
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Well, Tony Stark's a popular guy.

[Small talk, small talk, guess who's terrible at small talk? There's a reason why he talks so much as Spider-Man. He does all the big and small talk on his own, and he leaves so little room for someone else.

Peter continues observing all the different tools, not missing that crooked smile. Given Tony's reputation, he thinks it's ... one thing. Only one thing. But Peter isn't exactly going to ask. (He doesn't want to know, really.)]

And I'm Peter, Tony's kind-of-protege from another dimension. I'm not sure he realizes that yet, though. [Peter hesitates.] Which sounds kind of—uh—stalkery? I swear it's not.
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From what I understand, there are ... three? Four different similar places, maybe five, all intermingled here. [Peter waves a hand around him.] Back home, this is typically bad news, but that's the name of the game here, huh?

[And he figures that if he didn't hear about it before, he's the only one from his world, or they're much subtler about it.]
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I wouldn't expect that many normally. [For some reason, they really liked the variety. The fact that there's so much variety throws him a little, but it's not really his place to ask about it. Or debate the reasoning, as scientific method doesn't apply well here.

He shrugs and turns slightly to look around.]
I wanted to ask him about the mutiny. There's ... uh, a lot of back and forth and me throwing in bad Backstreet Boy metaphors. [He smiles sheepishly.] I thought Tony would have something to say.
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I thought the methods were pretty stupid. [He really thinks it was stupid, hence why he railed against it.] But I'm used to ... people like us being able to do more. [Peter knows that's giving away a lot, but few teenage boys just happen to have an in with Tony Stark. He figures in this case, it's a give away.]
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Anything? Back home, he's a part of an organized group that tends to go out and handle a lot of things. As far as I know, it doesn't lead to any in-fighting, but I don't exactly follow any of their blogs. [That's not to say any of them keep blogs about their superhero activities; it's just the closest thing Peter can think of in terms of keeping up. He's fairly certain that the Black Widow isn't the same person anymore, though. That's one thing he caught, but the flood definitely left everything in mass chaos. Keeping track of who's even still alive is hard.

Then again, isn't that not handling it? He seems to be trapped in that very thought.]

Or ... ideally. That's what can be done.
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[Even if she's speaking evenly, Peter's dealt with enough conversations about the mutiny that her words strike a chord within him. He's at the point where he believes that some people really thought that was necessary ... for whatever reason. It's not even in a bad way, but in a way that he doesn't fully grasp that. Yes, there's a lot at stake right now, and it's true that everything is complicated. But there's more to it, too.

Peter shakes his head, because he doesn't know how to answer her. It's complicated. Of course it is.]

It wasn't one group. [That much needs to be said in the first place.] Back home, and there were ... solo guys. Guys who didn't work with others. [He considers revealing the obvious. As he debates that, his head lowers.] I was one of them. So I kinda get it, you know. Not running with the crowd. I'm actually terrible at that, as it turns out.

[Which isn't really his point. His point is:]

But groups are important. That group was important, and they did a lot. And you're assuming that by doing a lot, they were aiming to sacrifice people. That's ... no, war or no war, anything like that, that's going against it. It's being responsible for everyone for the sake of it. And here, we've got a lot of that on us.
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I've been at it for about a year and a half. And I've had to choose, I just—[He didn't. Other people chose for him, and that's been the problem, and that's even driven him to deny that approach. He's gotten sick of other people making decisions for him. That's maybe part of all of this, but Peter isn't really good at personal psychoanalysis.] ... Uh, anyway. [No need to finish that thought.]

I think there are people responsible. Wasn't that what the mutiny was about? Like a side-effect of ... the bomb. [The hesitation is because he wasn't there, so he feels awkward speaking about an event he didn't bear witness to.] And proof that things should be done differently. But maybe that's just having faith in people.

[What he doesn't remark upon is her side during the mutiny. What he doesn't ask is why she isn't a vigilante anymore.

Those kind of statements can come later. That is, if they find their place.]
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[Ah, so that's why she told him. Peter isn't surprised he wasn't clear. It's not the first time his rather disconnected, oft-rambling way of speech gets misinterpreted.]

I thought I handled my part of stopping it fine. [But he still resents them for taking all of the parts and putting them elsewhere. Playing "scavenger hunt" to keep people out of the dark was pretty annoying, especially when he still didn't know the lay of the land all that well.] I meant ... on a bigger scale. To help. So mutinies aren't necessary.
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[Is that a high standard? He considers her words seriously. To Peter, it's not. Mutinies are, by their very nature, a bad thing. Rebellions. Having that kind of thing blow up.

So instead of answering directly, he asks a question in return:]
Do you think it's good to have mutinies in the first place?
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[So neither bad or good. That's how Peter interprets that remark, and he thinks that's likely accurate. But that doesn't mean they're a good thing.]

I think the point of contention here is whether this wasn't unavoidable.
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i have no idea if this works out timeline wise but roll with it, maybe the broken time worked then!!

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Well ... [He thinks about that for a moment.] Someone gave me some links. Some points where people seemed unhappy before. [Peter thinks about it for a longer moment.] I think it would've been better to organize, establish something, and present it to them. Saying that's the way things would be.
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Well, hopefully things will be different now.